Unfriend My Vote

I’m not a terribly political person, which basically equates to me not liking to discuss politics with anyone. At all. Ever. I have my own ideas and feelings and I hate the conflict that comes with it all. I mean, Facebook and all other social media is now officially a HOT ZONE from now until the November 2016 election. Add that up in your heads, friends, that’s 14 VERY LONG months in America. The idea of being an American Ex-Pat gets more appealing everyday, simply because some of you, ok most of you, are just so totally and completely out of control. And it’s the Dems and Reps both, with a sprinkling of minor parties and independents. But seriously, enough.

And then this showed up on my Facebook feed the other day:


And I just snapped. Maybe it needed to happen this early on, as a pre-catharsis of how I am going to shut my mouth, ignore you all, and hold my breath until there’s a new president. Why? Because I can 100% GUARANTEE that no meme, political rant, Tweet, or Facebook status, has ever single-handedly settled an election. Your influence isn’t that great. It just isn’t. And you know what else? The internet has simply given too many people a sense of grandiosity and importance that is ridiculous. We are all just idiotic, arm-chair political consultants. And you sound stupid. There, I said it. Truth bomb.com

Now, my normal policy is to scroll on, but I couldn’t/didn’t/ wouldn’t let it sit there without a response. And to the friend that posted it, I’m sorry/not sorry that you were the focus of my attack. But you posted it. And I responded. Why? Because the glory of Facebook is the comments section AND I CAN. Boom.

Are you curious about my response yet? Here ya go:

“Dear _______,

It is sad that as Americans, with freedom of speech, and the ability to vote and choose our leaders, we can be so narrow-minded as to expect our friends to only have the same beliefs as ours or dismiss them. But our country was actually founded by people who craved these rights- the ability to make political choices of their own without facing tyranny or persecution, social or otherwise. If voting for anyone that any of my friends disagreed with made them not want to be my friend, I think a little more self-reflection might be in order on the friend’s part. Sorry, truth bomb.

Let the presidential race begin. I’ll remain your friend, no matter who you vote for, and I hope you’d do the same. Now without revealing my current front-running choice, I’ll give you the grace to say you can unfriend me now if you want. No judgment here whatsoever.”

Let it be known that all your funny memes on both sides of the coin can often be alienating and mean hearted. All I’d ask of you, if you are reading this, is to think about your freedoms and your friendships, and think twice before letting loose epic tirades that can damage your reputation or relationships. Yes, you CAN say whatever you want, but do you always need to? Nope.

I’ll leave you with this last thought, my personal motto:

“Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said by me? Does it need to be said by me right now?”

Now, go forth and meme responsibly.



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