Fairy Boobs

My blog has been on PRIVATE for a while now, while I got my act together. And a friend asked for this the other day, so I reopened the blog so I could share it. And you know what, I miss this place. And my life has been chaotic, so I obvi have a lot to get you caught up on, not to be limited at all. I know you all want to know about IEP hell, our new venture in Special Ed, my husband’s nominal moment of almost cutting off 3 fingers, and my home having no bath or shower for 5 weeks, right? Seriously, my life is insane, but if I can make people laugh, then I guess it is all worth it. See ya soon, bloggy friends, Kindra

Yes, I Really Did Just Say That.

Warning: Boob Humor

I’ve known my husband since we were kids, for about 27 years now, so I know that he’s silly now in ways that have never quite changed. You know, he’s still 13 in many ways. (Taking bets now on how much my husband hates my blogs) The more I chat with girlfriends about their hubbies, the more I realize that though they mature into men who care for wives and children and hold down jobs, etc. our men folk never quite grow up. So though I have 3 kids, I kind of have 4 kids part of the time (more often than not). Though it’s mostly hilarious, the funny comments and interesting boyhood perspective, from a 40 year old man, as a woman I am often FLOORED at what he says sometimes. Floored in a way that I look at him and think “how in the world…

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