Yummy Mummy Lasagna (paleo/primal options, grain and gluten free)

California Keto Kitchen

Hey, kids, mummy made you a bloody lasagna.

Or bloody lasagna.

Depending on if you’re English or American, that bloody lasagna/ bloody lasagna could mean two different things.

And that goes for mummy/mummy, too! Ugh, #halloweenproblems.

IMG_3047.JPGOk, bad joke, but I did make my own version of a Paleofied Bloody Mummy Lasagna. This was a lot of fun, mostly because I am a child at heart and I was quite pleased with myself as I made it. I think it thrilled me more than it did my own kids, who are 8 and 12. Again, I am a child, a great big 40 year old child. I was throwing some ideas around for a Halloween recipe contest, of things to be baked or cooked in cast iron, with a Halloween theme. Of course, most everyone is baking treats so I wanted to go savory. And with the sudden dip in…

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