Harvest Feast!

Harvest Feast!.

via Harvest Feast!.

I am soooooo far behind on my blog posts, and then today I stumbled upon these pics! The bad news is, I’m late for this Halloween season, but, the good news is, I’m WAY ahead for next year! My kids really loved this dinner. I’m very weird about Halloween; I do let my kids trick or treat, but I’m weird about how much we do, and the doling out of the candy, post-Halloween. And as of today, November 15, my kids have only had 5 pieces each, and yesterday, I threw it all in the trash. So, to make up for my nastiness, I make the rest of Halloween kind of a big deal. This year was no exception.

Here was our Harvest Feast dinner this year, Halloween 2013:

First, of all, this was EASY! And I’m pretty sure, mostly guilt-free. I do let up on occasion, but I still try to make a fun night, a healthy night. No reason to go completely crazy, IMO.

First, apple slices and caramel sauce! 



I made the caramel sauce, using this recipe, but I used melted OMGhee instead of the shortening:


Boo Bananas!

Seriously, so lame, but my kids are easy to please. Wanna know how simple this is? See below:


Half a banana, a smidge of preserves (i used fig), and add chocolate chips (I used dark cacao chips).

Crackers and Cheese Tray!



Fiscalini Farms Purple Moon raw cheddar cheese soaked in Cabernet, Organic Valley raw cheddar in shreds, Organic Pastures Raw White Cheddar Cheese, Synders of Hanover gluten-free pretzels, Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten-free seed crackers,  raw local honey, pistachios.

Devil’s Fingers!


Where to Buy:

Adam’s Ranch Piri Piri Olives. I buy local directly from the vendor at Visalia Farmer’s Market.

Mummified Hot Dogs!



I used this recipe. NO changes in ingredients. I am not the best with doughs, so I stuck very close to the recipe, for once. Only difference was when it came to cutting the dough. I used a pizza cutter and made very thin strips and wrapped them around the dogs. For this dinner, I used Applegate grass-fed hot dogs. WE LOVE THESE HOT DOGS! And I baked them for 17 minutes for an extra crispy crust, adding mustard eyes! HUGE hit with the kids. HUGE!

Here’s the recipe: http://tasteofwonderland.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/superbowl-food-pigs-in-a-blanket/

Dessert: Petite Pumpkin Pies!




Up Close of Dessert!



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